How much does it cost to develop an app like Deliveroo?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Deliveroo?

With the increase in pandemic cases, many individuals have started relying upon food delivery apps for their essentials. This upsurge in the on-demand food delivery business app increased from $107.44 billion in 2019 to $111.32 billion in 2020 and still there are chances of growth in this field amid this pandemic. 

These unpredicted changes in every field starting from health and beauty to groceries. Hence to speed up, it’s better to get in partnership with some on-demand deliveries. These food delivery apps are trending as it allows to enjoy delectable meals from the comfort and safety of homes. 


Founded in 2013, it is a trending food delivery app with operations in more than 200 cities in different countries like UK, UAE, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait. It aims to bring a digital transformation. Before understanding the cost to develop an app like Deliveroo and about the on-demand delivery app like Deliveroo, its better to understand the business model of the Deliveroo app:

Customer Segmentation

It is a multi-faceted market model with two interlinked user segments who are required for an operation like consumers- people who are at home or at work who want food delivered from and restaurants they want from the locations which do not provide the delivery services of their own, but in return want some consumers.

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    Value Proposition

    Price value, accessibility, convenience, brand value, and risk mitigation are some of the value propositions through its business which matters a lot in Deliveroo app development cost.

    Functioning mode of Deliveroo

    To understand the cost to develop an app like Deliveroo, it’s prior to understand the functioning of Deliveroo defines the success of an app. Hence to have a comprehensive understanding, let’s dig deeper into it:

    If you want to ensure your app with the same amount of success, then you need to make sure that the value proposition with the mobile app development company.

    The customer interaction with Deliveroo requires self-service and automation. Since the clients utilize the platform with the least minimum employee contact.

    Customer Relationship

    The online food delivery industries are some of the fastest-growing in the world, are you also going to start one, then it’s the best time to do so. The cost of creating an application like Deliveroo depends upon these factors:

    1. Business models like aggregators, logistics platforms, cloud kitchens

    2. Functionality (registration, application, payment, tracking, etc)

    3. Developers hourly rate (dollars per hour)

    UI plays a significant role in gaining the maximum attention from the customers. Hence understanding how the app would look on the user’s screen is the foremost step towards the development. The UI must appear both attractive and function smoothly without any requirements in the developing process.

    Search option with maximum filters

    Adding filters to the mobile app helps the customer to search for their favorite dish in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, the postal code search for users can be the icing on the cake. These filters prove beneficial for customers to search for some particular dish from their favorite restaurants.

    In case, if you are facing some issues with clienteles, then you can easily reach out to the restaurant as the contact number helps a lot in this business.

    Let’s dig in deeper into the details and understand the estimated cost of developing anonline food delivery app like Deliveroo:

    To develop an app like Deliveroo, you can develop several panels of online food delivery app:

    1. Restaurant owner

    2. Customers 

    3. Riders 

    User Interface of the app

    The first impression lasts long!

    When a customer logs in, the sign-up feature is the best way to interact within the app with your customer. Hence allow the customers to log in through various social media platforms like Gmail, Google+, Facebook. This social media integration helps the signup feature to be hassle-free.

    These are must-have social media integrations that help the customers to sign up easily. You can offer new customers a promo code or freebies for the first 10 users or offer some great options

    Data access

    For any app to function properly, accessing data is the most important task. Information is something that sets you apart from the crowd. The more you get access to information regarding restaurants, calories, menus, address of the restaurants, the more a customer finds it interesting.

    If you are thinking of gaining data be a difficult task, then you are wrong as the data can be easily obtained with a single app with the APIs utilized in the smartphone apps.

    GPS integration

    GPS location in the app offers customers an estimated time of delivery. It is equally important for the rider as it allows the rider to reach customers from the shortest available route with the least traffic.


    If you want your food delivery app to be the best, then you must allow the clienteles to review your app. Once the app receives the specific ratings, then you can launch promotions to reach out to a major section of the niche audience. When you tag more people, the reachability increases.

    Real-time tracking

    If you have ordered your delicacies to be delivered to your doorstep, then a real-time tracker will prove beneficial. A real-time tracker lets customers view the status of their order effortlessly. The moment an order gets accepted by the food delivery app, the rider picked the order and it is mostly out for delivery, the customer can know each and everything easily in this on-demand food delivery app. The GPS integration features are utilized for real-time tracking and are mostly utilized by the developers to find the location of the rider and offer the best service to the user.

    The GPS feature evaluates the position of the customer and the user, and then utilizes the two-way monitoring and working of GPS feature where the client can easily keep an eye on the progress and activity of the delivery staff, user, and the rider. The popular APIs are Google Maps, Mapkits, and a lot more.

    What will be the cost to develop an app like Deliveroo?

    Deliveroo’s top features include:

    1. Fastest delivery 

    2. Available discounts/ rewards/ perks

    3. Various restaurants available for customers 

    4. the Best choice for both vegans and non-vegans 

    Key features in on-demand food delivery app development

    Customer app features

    1. Easy registration- Customers can easily register by filling in the required details.

    2. Login- the customers who have already registered can log in with the password.

    3. Search Menu- The customers must be able to browse the available food products that they want to order.

    4. Shopping cart- the customers can easily add their favorite food to the cart.

    5. Delivery location- According to the customer’s requirement, they can set locations.

    6. Easy Payment methods- Customers can set delivery locations where they want to get their favorites to get delivered.

    7. Real-time tracking- Real-time tracking is required to keep updated with their delivery.

    8. Reviews- Customer reviews and ratings makes this on-demand food delivery app better.

    9. Customer support-Customers can offer customer support to have a solution regarding delivery.

    Delivery Agent Features

    1. Login- After the approval by the admin or vendor, the driver must be able to log in.

    2. Availability- The drivers can update their availability to take the order.

    3. Notification- Any new activity in the driver’s account will be notified.

    4. Details of the order- When a driver receives an order, the complete details of the order regarding the restaurant, its address can be completely viewed.

    5.Accept/ Reject Order- A driver can easily update status automatically when an order is placed.

    6. Active order- When a driver is going to reach an order, then the time status will be shown active.

    7. GPS tracking and updating status of delivery- Detecting the current location via GPS tracking.

    8. Update status of delivery- Driver can easily update status according to the different stages.

    9. Google mao integration- The delivery boy will be able to deliver the order when the Google map navigation.

    10. History- This option shows the complete history of every order.

    11. Setting- Driver can easily set an option to manage their profile or setting.

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    Restaurant / web features

    1. Easy login- The approved restaurant allows easy login with provided user id and password.

    2. Menu management- According to different food availabilities, the restaurant can add, edit and make any changes to the menu.

    3. Push notification- Notifications are sent to customers regarding new offers and deals.

    4. Review and ratings- The restaurants can receive customer’s ratings based on reviews.

    Admin Panel Features

    1. Admin Login-The admin has a login with their user id and password.

    2. Restaurant Management- The admin can easily manage the restaurants by adding, editing, deleting, or updating any information.

    3. Order management- According to the different orders, they must be managed accordingly.

    4. Payment Management- The received payment can be easily managed by admin view details, search and manage.

    5. Discount offers and coupons- Various discounts must be offered to the customers.

    6. Content Management – Admin can update the content on every platform.

    7. Technical assistance- The admin can easily receive every query and contact the customer.

    The on-demand delivery service supports restaurants for reaching more and more customers. For creating the best on-demand food delivery app, it requires a skillful team of the following:

    1. UI/UX designer

    2. Mobile app developers

    3. Quality assurance 

    4. Support and maintenance

    5. Project Manager

    The UK app development cost depends upon some criteria of the mobile app development like the features, platform – android or iOS or both, multiple languages, hassle-free payment gateways, MVP creation, development, and designs.

    If you are looking out for the best company to team up with, then DxMinds technology is the best solution to create an On-demand food delivery mobile app. It can help you with your startup, design, development, testing, and delivery issues. The company has helped several customers in delivering their delicacies at their doorstep.

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