How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Carswitch?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Carswitch?

Technology has impacted every aspect of our usual 21st-century life. From transport and healthcare, to access to food and essential services around us, technology has made our lives easier and painless. And the main reason behind the swift transformation is the handy Mobile Apps that have made every service available at your fingertips without any time and location restriction.

Back in history, the automotive business generally uses to be a late acceptor of emerging trends and technologies, but with the penetration of the mobile application era, the entire operation of the automotive industry got revolutionized than ever anticipated.

The convenience of buying and selling products or services is now made applicable to the automotive industry as well.

Yes, that’s true. Do you know through one of the eCommerce platforms people can buy or sell the used cars? A Dubai-based app known as CarSwitch has unlocked the ultimate opportunity of buying and selling used cars.

The exclusive app has achieved unbelievable prominence in the UAE market due to which many visionary have come forward to build a similar app like Carswitch.

So How to build a popular app like Car switch?

For that, you need to get aligned with this in-depth article designed for those who are in urge to develop an app like Carswitch. The article is divided into different sections to make you easily understand everything that is essential to know about Carswitch before jumping towards the development.


Recognized as UAE’s first marketplace for certified used cars. CarSwitch is a reputable app through which users can sell or buy used cars. The app gets listed with certified preowned and used cars with high-quality images and advanced filters that make selection perceptive more appropriate and it is targeted especially for Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and UAE locations.

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    Essential Features Vital to Build a CAR BUY and SELL App like CAR SWITCH

    App features are the main factor that influences the Carswitch app development cost

    Admin Panel

    Manage Car Listing

    The most necessary feature of an automobile app that enables the admin to keep an eye on every car listings and entire details associated with the car

    Manage marketing and sales 

    Through this feature, the admin can be aware of the number of sales both total buy and total sell of the used cars.

    Add and delete car

    The feature facilitates the admin to add or delete the car listing. Furthermore, the admin can even remove the discontinued car from the listing

    Manage Payment

    With this feature the admin can get track of commission by managing the complete payment process implies the total number of cars which has been sold.


    This is one of the profitable generating features that enables the admin to plan out the tempting offers to their end customers on the purchase of the used car. The Kind of offers includes free car accessories, free servi55ces, free RC transfer, and more.

    Push Notification

    Push notification is very imperative to make your app a user-friendly one. With this feature, the admin can notify the app users about second-hand cars, discounts on used cars, and more.

    Manage Dealers Account

    The feature empowers the admin to monitor the dealers account and approve the new dealers and also remove dealers in case of any fraud activities

    Dealer panel 

    Registration and Login

    Through this feature, dealers can get entry into an app by filling in the mandatory details

    Add and Delete Car

    With the utilization of these features, dealers can add or delete a car from the app car listing. Also, the feature furnishes several options that make the selling and purchasing of used cars more precise.

    Manage price

    Dealers can easily manage the price listings of sell and buy of used car as per the market standards can increase, decrease the pricing of car

    Car services 

    Dealers can easily mention services to relate to cars like car service, free evaluation, and many more.

    User Panel

    Registration and Login 

    Alike to a dealer, this feature enables the users to include themselves within the app by filling in the details. Integrating social media login features empowers the users to get on board easily


    The filter feature personalize the user preference and encourage them to get desired selling or buying list with the required interest

    Review car information

    Here users can learn about the car details and features so that they confidently do the purchasing of the used car

    Compare car

    With this feature, users will be given the authority to compare the car with various imperative aspects such as rating and reviews, features, performance, and prices

    Register Form

    Through the register form feature, users can provide the needed details for getting the car quotation.

    Register For Test Drive

    This feature let the users register a request for taking a demo of the car they are desiring to buy

    Exchange car

    This is one of the effective features of the used car app. You can choose this feature in your app through which users can make a deal to buy a used car with exchange offers.

    Let ‘understand the major aspect of the blog

    How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like CAR SWITCH?

    Here comes the most challenging task that is providing you the cost estimation to build an app like Carswitch. You can’t compare the one app development cost with the other as it completely depends on the app concept and its features.

    Let’s give an idea of how many hours gets consume for the accomplishment of each task during the development of an app like Car switch

    Research and Market Analysis (10-20 hours)

    Admin panel development ( 150-200 hours)

    User Panel development ( 350-400 hours for the specific platform)

    API development( 90-120 hours)

    Dealer Panel development (350-400 hours)

    Factors that play a major in the prediction of Carswitch like app cost

    Development team

    The cost of developing an app like Carswitch varies from one mobile app development company to other. They provide the cost estimation by considering the experience, proficiency, Excellency, and the kind of passionate and skillful team they have maintained

    Number of Features

    The more features and panels you seek to integrate into your app the higher will be your Carswitch development cost. If you want a basic and less feature app then the cost would turn out lesser.

    The complexity of UI/UX design

    The kind of UI/UX design you are aiming to take in for your application influences the app development cost. With the increase in the complexity of app, the development cost will also get increased

    Number of platforms 

    The number of platforms you looking to target plays a major role in the estimation of development cost. Building an app on both android and iOS platforms will surely cost twice as much as developing an application on a single android or iOS platform. If you are falling short in your budget better to go with one high audience platform.

    By analyzing the above factors, the mobile app development cost of carswitch would fall around $20,000 with basic functionalities, and if you are considering integrating advanced features then the cost can rise to $30000-$35000. The success of your app is completely on the shoulders of the mobile app development company you elect. Thus, it’s vital to hand over your dream project to a trustworthy and well-versed app development company that is notable in the market for their outstanding contributions in the app development world.

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