How Much Does it Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

Have you ever wondered that in this tech-oriented world almost every sector or business is getting occupied with transformational and revolutionary technologies? 

No matter if you are owning a small or big business, with the game of technology you certainly going to turn up something very big that too by setting the foot in the mobile app development industry which is estimated to reach a 935.2 billion US dollar market in 2023

That’s the fact why every entrepreneur is looking to connect their brand to the mobile device. But once the businesses fall into the market for a new mobile application, they probably get confused on selecting the platform they would like to build upon.

In comparison to other frameworks, React native is one of the most popular and demanding frameworks used to shape out the full fledge and feature-rich Mobile application.

Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

So What makes React Native the best platform to get developed your visionary application, What will be the cost to develop React Native Mobile App, Hold on 

We know there might be plentiful answers you might be desiring to learn about React Native Framework.

Let us take the opportunity to help you in Providing a complete overview of React Native and Its background

Here we gonna cover some essential highlights within the content

Overview of React native and Its Background

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App With React Native?

React Native App Development Cost Calculator

Leading Advantages of employing React native for your Business app

Overview of React Native and Its Background 

Despite the presence of various frameworks in the market, React Native stood up as the top position framework for building a cross-platform app development.

Regardless of getting launched in March 2015, it has become the perfect choice of 45% of developers from all over the globe because of the kind of flexibility and mobile app compatibility features it serves.

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    What is React Native?

    React Native is one of the prominent open-source mobile application development frameworks discovered by Facebook and its mainly notable for possessing a wide range of tools and widgets vital for architecting exceptional android and iOS operating systems, thus, by employing this framework developers can spare up to 40% to 90% of Mobile app development time.

    Along with all these benefits, the code reusability feature of this framework is like icing on a cake enables to save cost, time, and even development resources.

    React Native made by the combination of modern with traditional methods and it’s based out on JavaScript, has encouraged the world’s leading brands to prefer this framework for their biggest hit app solution. Along with Facebook- UberEats, Airbnb, Walmart, Instagram, Tesla, and more have elected this framework and have become the most remarkable one by getting associated with millions of users.

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    How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

    Either you are running a start-up or thinking to start a business creating a react native app turns out to be the profitable and worthwhile one.

    Moreover, like other frameworks, it is truly hard to provide the estimated cost of React Native app development as it clearly relies on the complexity of the project and app requirements.

    Basically, the rough React Native app development cost falls somewhere between $15 and $25 per hour. Additionally, it also varies according to the developer experience, skills, and location So

    Have a look at – mobile app development cost estimate in India 2021

    What are the factors that affect the React native App development cost?

    Depending on the app requirements and concept, the app can be listed as a highly complex, moderately complex, and least complex app.

    Let’s discuss those factors one by one

    Complexities of App

    Architecture Model Deployment

    If you want to create a custom mobile application architecture or looking for a backend for the Baas Mode. In both ways, it serves you with ready-to-use backend architecture. If you desiring for customization then be sure that the complexity of the app going to be increased

    Building Admin Panel 

    According to the number of features you are looking to add up in the admin panel, the app complexity also increases in that way. The component includes viewing stats, tracking all app activities, and loading the content without any assistance from the development team 

    Third-Party App Integrations

    It’s most important to build a user-oriented application the only way towards success. By integrating third-party functionalities such as third-party login and easy payments your apps turn out to be user-friendly.

    In-app purchase           

    If you want to make a quick ROI from the app, you can include in-app purchases in the react native app.


    Category implies the complexity of the React Native app development relies on the kind of app you are desiring for. 

    For example, a calculator or time having its standalone features would be simple than any other m-commerce app feature.


    It’s essential to build a react native app that provides a kind of security through user authorization and login or user authentication, you need to dig into various steps, dissimilar to any other apps that don’t need any users to sign up or authenticate


    Depending on the hardware complexity, the complexity of the app also increases. 

    Just an example, for building an IoT based react native, you must have to spend more time than building any other Native application 

    App maintenance 

    It’s not like that if your app is ready or launched the expenses get stopped. After the app is presented in the market it’s certainly imperative to maintain the app by performing some updates in parallel to the user and market demands, design updation, bug fixing, etc. Usually, the yearly maintenance cost goes up to 20% of the overall cost of React native app development.

    Team( Number of resources)

    The cost of React Native development also gets counted on several members the development team holds up. If you see in terms of cost you can either go with freelancers but will not be guaranteed for quality of work or you can collaborate with a professional React Native app development company 


    The costing factor even gets influenced by the geographical location of the agency or freelancer. According to living standards and other multiple factors, the cost also varies from country to country, state to state, and other regions

    What Benefits Businesses or Entrepreneurs can avail of from React Native App?

    Maximum entrepreneurs and developers prefer to React native apps due to their beneficial functionalities like Open source and cross-platform features. Apart from Facebook, it is also been employed in building android, iOS, Android TV, macOS, Windows, and tvOS 

    Some of the best reasons why React Native is a favorite among developers

     Code sharing and Cross-platform 

    It provides the cost-saving option, as the react-native framework supports the best features for cross-platform development encouraging a non-cost wastage strategy. Furthermore, it facilitates to draft of one code base for multiple platforms. The developers need to possess some kind of required skills, no other varied technologies.

    Lesser Expedition time

    As told earlier react-native provides the one codebase ease allowing react native developers to create apps for multiple platforms therefore Lessing down the expedition time that enables cost-effective choice

    Reduction in Manpower

    It eliminates the need for having multiple developers as only one developer can perform the coding task. The team structure can be made by one project manager, an innovative designer, two app developers, and a QA expert.

    Simple and easy to understand UI

    As react native platform is well known for imparting the flexibility through which developers and designers can easily structure the visionary and responsive apps that load and function according to the user’s expectations

    Inbuilt components and Reusable codes 

    Save up 90% of React native code for iOS and Android applications with top of the line it provides reusable codes 

    Community Support 

    As an open-source feature, the react native development community provides the best access to libraries and features for react-native documents. The essential advantage of this platform is access to the worldwide community.


    If you are aiming to develop a mobile app in a cost-effective way without compromising the quality aspect then React Native is the perfect choice for all your benefits. Right from quick app development, hassle-free maintenance, and smooth migration, everything is easily possible with React Native framework.

    In the Current app development market React Native cost is affordable when compared to any other framework. But for effective utilization of this framework, you need to hire the expertise of React Native app development company that keeps proficiency in the best utilization of this framework.

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