How Much Does It Cost To Build Ai-Based Virtual Classroom App?

How Much Does It Cost To Build Ai-Based Virtual Classroom App?

After the introduction of artificial intelligence, there has been a constant question of utilizing AI in the classroom. The introduction of AI tools in schools has supported the idea that technology will bring about vast differences to humanity. AI tools in the field of education help to meet the demands of customized tools which can help teachers focus more on the teaching process, rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

AI tools are creating a great learning environment with no geographical boundaries other than the typical classroom model. It is also used to address and find solutions to some of the challenges faced by the differentiated learning center.

Applications of AI in the Classroom

Artificial intelligence in education is more about empowering them with advanced tools and technologies that would help them cater to the requirements. Let’s dig into some of the spheres of the application in machine intelligence:

  1. Tutoring – With the help of artificial intelligence, students can easily understand a topic as the tutors are available 100% of the time. The learners can get extra teaching whenever they want to. In case, if any student requires some more amount of teaching time, then tutoring can be possible with artificial intelligence.
  2. AI students grading – The grading process is present in the educational ecosystem for a long. With the help of AI, teachers can spend more time on students and stop grading.
  3. Trial and error method- The method of trial and error has always been frustrating since it leads to time wastage. Artificial intelligence in this trial and error method is helpful to resolve problems without following the line of trial and error in ai based educational app.
  4. Virtual reality learning – Virtual reality proves to be beneficial to help students learn more about things, places, and new objects from the comfort of their classrooms without spending money or time traveling.
  5. Global education at your fingertips – Students from different parts of the world can easily participate in a global learning environment. It comes up with different language translators or subtitle plug-ins which makes it easy to read and understand from different regions.

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    Voice assistants

    These interactive voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home can assist the different learning material even in the absence of a teacher, which can be made learning possible anywhere and anytime. The integration of voice assistant technology makes the schedule a fun and engaging experience for the students.

    Efficient school management

    AI-based virtual classroom app helps in the proper designing and planning of classrooms according to the number of students. The school management can distribute resources to areas of higher demand and cut down unnecessary expenses with data-driven insights. These AI technologies help to optimize and streamline management processes for educational institutions.

    The digitalised content!

    In this digitalized curriculum with the effects of artificial intelligence, smart content is normal. Many schools are striving to make the online curriculum based on digital platforms. The AI-based tools and learning materials like eBooks, audio, and video can be easily grouped to the educational and even student preferences. In this way, the learning process and the curriculum can be easily made student-centric.

    Personalized Learning

    The AI-based educational systems serve students of all capabilities and discover their full potential, unlike the traditional education system. Nowadays schools and universities are utilizing AI in the classroom for personalized recommendations. Students have access to AI-powered smart tutoring systems where they have the advantage of personalized study plans which can be accessed from any user device or location.

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    Education future with artificial intelligence

    AI-based solutions offer personalized learning which is about to transform the school curriculum. Let’s describe the expected changes which we can be changed in the coming years.

    Tracking and analyzing student’s performance

    The AI-based platforms can easily analyze and offer valuable insights for teachers and mentors. Combining the time taken to complete a certain course and performance on individual assignments, teachers can easily tweak lesson plans according to the requirements of any student.

    Collaborative Learning

    The AI-based tools help classroom, teachers to identify and bridge the knowledge gaps of every student. The information can help customize courses and assignments etc. In a class of students, every student has different characteristics and capabilities. It creates an open environment for students to collaborate on tasks without any boundaries.

    Let’s dig into the key question again

    What is forming theAi Based Virtual Classroom app development cost?


    The application works on certain platforms and devices. The cost of developing ai based virtual classroom app would be much higher. On the initial note, analyze your customer and answer the question:

    1. What kind of device does he prefer?

    2. Hire an app developer who will create your iOS or Android.

    Let’s take into account what’s the most significant pricing factor. The complete rate depends upon the rate of developers you have chosen.

    1. USA and Canada: from $100 to $250 per hour

    2. Western Europe: from $80 to $150 per hour

    3. Eastern Europe: $25 to $100 per hour

    4. Asia(mostly India): $55 per hour

    The application complexity

    The more complex the application service and the more features it has, the higher the reality app cost. The best option is to create an MVP model, at least for a start. However, simplifying the app functionality, you can AR application.

    1. Intuitive interface- Every user must understand how to use the AR application if the interface of the service is poorly designed.

    2. Stability of work- During the complete development, the customers must be satisfied and understood every small process.

    3. Quality 3d models- High-quality 3D models increase the chances that a potential buyer selects the product.

    4. Updates- The app should be constantly updated according to the new products and technologies.

    All these factors affect the cost of virtual reality app development cost. The more complex, the design and the interface, the more money you will have to spend during the development.

    Let’s take a closer look at ai based virtual classroom app development cost. It completely depends upon the hours the developer spends upon app development. Hence, we should analyze this problem.

    1. Strategic analysis of the project

    This stage is the important one that determines the several tasks of the project. It is used to clarify the several stages of the project. It is the only way to create an application that meets expectations. To secure both parties of the process, then it is required to sign a contract mentioning the details of the complete project.

    This stage requires – 80 to 150 hours

    2. Choosing SDK

    The virtual classroom app development requires software that can recognize 2D markers and overlay additional content. The important factor to support a wide range of devices ensures greater availability of the application. The SDK is a tool that can be used to simplify and reduce the coding process.

    3. Coding Process

    4. Design Solution

    The design stage includes 1. Building wireframes

    2. Model creation

    3. UI/UX and graphic design

    4. Animated images creation

    Time to implement it- 400-600 hours

     Extra features

    The process of budget preparation and calculation of app development costs must include the steps to reconsider the functionality of the service. Depending upon the business requirements for instance, if the virtual classroom app requires the log-in, access to the phone, video conferencing, updates, notifications, messaging feature, feedback, and the payment system.

    You can add more features according to your preferences. The developer needs to spend around 10-50 hours.

    Testing- The qualified QA team should test the applications and make sure that it works without any flaws. The testing also requires around 100 hours.

    If the application requires constant service updating, functionality expansion, and the improvement of quality of work, then the development cost differs.

    Let’s say, the complete app development cost varies within the following limits:

    1. Simple application-$10-$20

    2. Medium size application-$30-$50

    3. Complex size application-$50-$100

    Artificial Intelligence has great powers to transform the education sector to address the most critical challenges. With time, more and more organizations will adopt Ai technologies for making some effective changes and understanding the requirement of building ai based virtual classroom app. It is incredible to witness the colossal improvements and innovation in education. These innovations will bring back the right technology in place, processes, and methodologies that can be improved, scaled.

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