How long does it take to build a SAAS product?

How long does it take to build a SAAS product?

Are you using online services to cater to your requirements? Then possibilities are that you might be using SaaS products even without knowing that. New technologies are evolving day by day and giving a new phase to the business world. Studies conducted over the business world say that by next 5 years approx. 86% of companies will start using SaaS completely. The inception of this SaaS era can be seen now itself, as most of the companies are taking the assistance of SaaS application development companies in the USA to expand their work culture and services. If you seek examples of SaaS then your laptop might be carrying many, such as Google Docs, Zoom, Slack, etc. 

Are you also willing to develop a SaaS application and willing to know the time duration, SaaS application development cost, and steps to build a SaaS product? Then here are the answers to your question. 

SaaS application development cost in California depends on the steps followed for app development. Here we are mentioning a few steps, following which you will be easily able to meet the market requirements: 

  • Ideation: 

The very first step to developing a SaaS product is to draft an idea about the product and determine the pain points and benefits of the product. In case you are finding multiple pain points then you must also seek an appropriate solution to fix them.  

  • Prototype creation: 

Creating a prototype is necessary for a SaaS product as it satisfies the below-listed requirements: 

  1. Feedback before initiating with development

Whether you are hiring an experienced SaaS development team in USA or UK, you need to give feedback to your developers to explain to them the basic idea of the product and educate them about the expected outcomes from the product. A clear prototype will help them to understand the requirements in a better manner. 

  1. Feedback from targeted users: 

Knowing your customers is important for a company to invade into an existing market and rule over it. Market requirements and trends change very frequently, hence before setting the wireframe of your product it is essential to get feedback from your targeted customers to cover all the loopholes, if any, and help you to create an effective prototype.  

  1. Test your team: 

When working on a bigger project you must ensure to hire the best SaaS developers. Developing a prototype can help you test the skills of your development team. Keeping quality as a major concern, you must not directly start with a full-fledged development process.  

  • Prototype validation: 

Validating your prototype is the testing phase where you make sure that each unit of the app is developed with great precision and accuracy. Before you launch your product, you must select a group of targeted customers to whom you can send a set of questions to determine the overall performance of the app.  

You must seek feedback from targeted customers for the below-listed questions: 

  1. What can this product do for you? 
  1. Reviews about the design of the product 
  1. Reviews about the outcome of the product (based on their requirement) 
  1. Do you recommend any rectification in the app 
  • Backlog creation: 

Once you are ready with the approval for the prototype, you must create a document of backlogs stating the required changes in the prototype and getting ready for the final product. The backlog will contain a detailed description of the final product, such as (estimated time required for app development, tools required, programming languages, development platform, and more.) 

If you have hired a professional team from the top SaaS development company in the UK then they assist you in creating a complete prototype as well as a backlog to make your development complete and effective with the most lucrative outcomes.  

  • SaaS app development and UX design: 

When you plan to develop a SaaS app the very first question you might be facing is about the SaaS application development cost and how much does it cost to start a SaaS company? The time may vary in a range of 2 months to 6 months or can even stretch more depending on the features you chose. On average, an MPV development takes 3 months with the incorporation of the most basic features. During development, you must keep a regular check on the development process to maintain higher accuracy and maintain the timeline. 

  • Quality analysis: 

The next step is to determine the quality of the developed product by testing various features with several testing techniques. The testing techniques fall under two major types as described below: 

Manual testing: This type of testing is done manually just like a user. QA experts have a certain list of testing aspects which they perform on a feature to ensure higher precision, and if they find any issues, they raise them on the applications like Github or Jira which is again followed by the developers to rectify the issues and attain 100% efficiency. 

Automated testing: QA testers can automate the testing procedure by writing a script on various testing platforms by writing test cases. It will help you to continue your automation testing process 24*7 to report all possible issues in the least possible time.  

  • Deployment: 

Once you have tested the quality of the app then you are ready to deploy it. This can be deployed to the cloud and here comes the role of DevOps expert. Various deployment models can execute for SaaS which includes single-tenant server, multi-tenant server, private clouds, etc.  


The time required for SaaS app development depends on various steps. To ensure an effective and promising app development, you must consider a strategic approach that includes ideation, prototype creation, backlog creation, development, testing, and deployment. To attain a higher rate of accuracy you can take the assistance of SaaS app development companies in the USA and UK. The SaaS application development cost may vary with the team you have chosen for the development. The average cost of SaaS app development ranges between $20-50 per hour. 

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