How is telehealth used in acute care?

How is telehealth used in acute care?

The Internet has completely transformed the way of living in every manner, whether it is about shopping experience or considering healthcare regime. In each sector of the business world, the internet and digital medium have made wonders. Healthcare was a sector that was untouched from the marvel of digital technologies but with the inception of telehealthcare solutions, the medical sector has opened its gateway to all regardless of their location. Are you a healthcare professional and willing to expand your reach to the patients residing far from your location? Telehealth software is the perfect solution for remote acute care solutions. In today’s fast-paced life, most patients are seeking a quick solution for their acute health issues. Hence, most healthcare professionals have already onboarded the world of a digital platform with the help of a telehealth app development company in the USA and UK.

Let’s get to know what is telehealth: 

A continued surge in pandemic conditions has stretched the gaps between patients and healthcare professionals. People living in remote areas were almost deprived of a proper healthcare solution or were struggling to get one. But technology has given simple yet effective solutions. Telehealth is a perfect combination of communication technologies and digital information that allows the use of healthcare solutions from remote locations too.  

Acute care telemedicine: 

Acute care telemedicine is a short-term treatment that is given to the patient using digital platforms from a remote location. Now a day’s, most hospitals have started incorporating acute care telemedicine to ensure that their patients are getting the services of the best experts regardless of their locations. Acute care telemedicine can be summarized as consultation for emergency medical cases given by experts remotely. 

Acute care telemedicine is different from direct-to-consumer telemedicine, as it is only used by the hospitals to perceive experts’ suggestions for the treatment they are offering to the patient. 

Examples of acute care telemedicine:  

  • Stroke care management: 

Stroke is one of the major healthcare issues faced by people and it requires immediate treatment. It can be life-threatening if not attended to and treated on time. Hence, stroke care management is one of the primary examples of acute care telemedicine use. In such cases, doctors can get in touch with any specialist remotely and can share the medical history and other reports of the patient, and can attain expert recommendations for further treatment. To do so, most of the neurology hospitals are opting for Telehealth App Development in USA and UK.  

  • Psychiatry: 

As acute care telemedicine deals with emergency health issues, if counted one in every ten emergency healthcare seekers are struggling with mental health conditions. But emergency care is served to the physical health conditions not mental ones. Here, telemedicine works as a boon and serves as an immediate solution to mental health care seekers.  

What is driving healthcare professionals to Telehealth App Development Companies in the USA? 

Telehealth app development is having limitless benefits that is allowing healthcare professionals to serve their patients in a much better way. A few of those have been listed here: 

  • Using telehealth software, doctors and clinics can expand their services to specialty care. Now even small clinics can leverage the potential of acute care telemedicine and serve the best healthcare services under the guidance of top specialists of the industry. 
  • Telemedicine allows doctors to extend the best healthcare services to those patients who are at home and require medical assistance and monitoring. Telehealth software development in the USA has been accepted by almost all hospitals as it allows hospitals to save their traveling to the patient’s location and serve them with the best solutions. 
  •  Made mental health care available in emergency scenarios also. 

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Reasons that are driving requirement of telehealth app development: 

Shortage of physicians: 

In a country like USA, UK, Germany, and Italy, eight out of ten people are struggling with some or other physical and mental health conditions. Studies say that the USA will be facing a shortage of more than 60,000 physicians and healthcare experts in the upcoming five years. To overcome such a situation, telehealth software is giving a perfect solution with remote treatment and consultation. Hence, healthcare experts can now serve patients of any corner of the world without moving out of their locations. With the use of telemedicine, now small clinics can serve emergency care to patients.  

Aging population: 

With the increasing number of aged-people groups, the number of patients also increases with chronic health issues. To serve prominent solutions to all patients, there is a need for expanding the capacity of healthcare professionals which is impossible to attain in a short duration. Hence, telehealth app development in the USA allows the healthcare centers to serve their patients with limited healthcare professionals. 


The pandemic has increased the demand for healthcare professionals but has restricted the visits to hospitals due to the rapid transmission of the coronavirus. Here, telemedicine is acting as a boon giving a solution for treating several patients with limited doctors without leaving their premises. Now, patients can consult doctors of their choice using the digital platform. 

What are the must-have features in telehealth software? 

The features you are incorporating in the telehealth app development play an important role in giving you the best solution for treating remote patients and connecting with the experts regardless of their location. Few features that are prioritized by Telehealth App Development Company in the USA are listed below: 

Patient portal: 

A digital platform requires a dashboard of the user in which they can mention basic information about them and also can store useful data that can be accessed in the future easily. Also, the portal must have options to share details with other users to make the data transmission hassle-free.  

The portal will allow the users to: 

  • Communicate with doctors and nurses remotely 
  • Share prescription and reports 
  • Attain test results 
  • Schedule online appointments with doctors 

Virtual appointment: 

A telehealth app must have a feature to conduct virtual appointments with the option to choose a healthcare specialist with date and time. Virtual appointments are preferred for the treatment of minor illnesses like fever, cough and cold, etc. Telehealth software is a web-based solution that uses telecommunication technologies to connect people with video conferencing. 

Personal health records: 

It is a digital world where the use of papers almost vanishes and hence maintaining health records in papers is a tedious job. Telehealth solutions must have an option to store personal health records.  


A pandemic may end soon but the trend of telehealth for acute care accepted by the healthcare professionals in this pandemic time will continue forever. It is giving a perfect solution for endless problems, such as shortage of healthcare professionals, emergency treatment to all patients regardless of their location, emergency solutions for mental health issues also.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the major technologies used to develop telehealth apps? 

The major technologies that combine with medical technologies are artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud storage, big data, and blockchain. 

What are the challenges included in the development of telehealth software? 

The major challenges in the development of telehealth software are data security, regulatory compliance, app scalability, and backend implementation. But if you are choosing experts of DxMinds then our experts make sure to convert each of your hurdles into an opportunity by serving a top-class development solution. 

How much does it cost to develop telehealth software? 

The cost of telehealth software development depends on the team you are choosing for app development and also the cost may vary on the features you are opting for your app development. The average cost of app development is $20-30 per hour. 

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