How do insurance companies use Robotic process Automation?

How do insurance companies use Robotic Process Automation?

The entire business world has undergone a vast disruption to reshape the future with amazing and unmatched outcomes, and the insurance industry is not an exception. Well, the banking and insurance sector was almost the last business sector getting influenced with the magic of digital transformation but has revolutionized at a great pace and now almost every sector has onboarded a digital platform. Being on a digital medium, now insurance providers are enabled to automate their process using RPA solutions.  

Before this disruption took place, the insurance sector was completely running on manual tasks including a lot of paperwork, and hence, consuming customers’ and employees’ time. With the help of RPA development companies in the USA, most insurance companies have developed customized apps to support their operations by adding effectiveness and efficiency to the business. 

RPA stands for robotic process automation was initially used only to conduct repetitive tasks automatically. Now, with the evolution of technologies, RPA is can be combined with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate complete workflow.  

An advanced version of RPA which is a combination of optical character recognition and artificial intelligence is known as cognitive RPA. Now, companies are continuously investigating the significance of CRPA to enhance the operational quality of the business. Hiring an RPA developer in the USA will help you develop a customized solution to automate their operations. 

There are several operational segments in which the insurance industry is using the RPA model, a few of those are: 

The role of RPA in the insurance industry is limitless because it has paved out almost every sector with seamless and accurate solutions. Here, a few among those have been listed which are considered as the best solutions for the insurance sector: 

Claim process: 

Process claiming is a long process in which the company has to manage a complete process right from the first notice of loss. In traditional ways, it was a time-consuming process which was the major reason for the delay in receiving the claim amount.  Earlier, almost all work was done manually and required paperwork. But now, customers of the insurance company can claim their insured amount from anywhere and companies using RPA solution process their claim in just a few seconds without any manual interventions. 


Underwriting is an essential process that is used by the insurance company to take the financial risk before entering into any agreement. Insurance companies evaluate the risks of a policy by gathering information from various sources and evaluating the risk allied with the policy. Traditionally this was done manually and it was a time-consuming process and took more than two weeks. Now, with the help of RPA solutions underwriting process has become easy and quick. RPA collects online information from various online sources and generates a report which is more accurate and reliable. 

Policy administration: 

Now, people are much aware of the insurance policies and almost every folk holds at least one insurance policy to secure their future in some or other ways. Now a day’s, insurance companies are offering policies right from health to vehicles. This is a major reason for the rapid growth in the number of customers. If followed traditional ways, it will be tough for an insurance company to administer those many applications and claims.  

With the help of RPA service providers in the USA, you can develop an automated digital solution for your organization that allows your targeted customers to register with your company online and also allows your employees to administer each registration, claims, and other query online.  

Maintaining regulatory compliance: 

Heavy regulations are followed by the insurance sector. Manual interventions generate a reason for error but the same doesn’t happen with the bots. The best advantage of using the RPA solution for the insurance sector is that it reduces the probability of errors and ensures to follow a set of regulations as directed and serve with an accurate result.  

How RPA can curate your success when combined with artificial intelligence? 

RPA alone can only help you to automate your repetitive processes but still, you may require some human interventions to direct your operational solution to attain accurate solutions. Hiring RPA developers in New York can be very beneficial for you because they are highly skilled and hold a master’s hand on the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. They can help you to develop an RPA solution that can not only automate your procedure but also make your software smart enough to remove human interventions and take smart decisions for the complete automated process. AI can move beyond the set of directed rules and take intelligent decisions based on the given scenario.  

Using the power of RPA and artificial intelligence, mobile app developers in the USA can help you to develop websites, web app, and mobile apps to have the same features. Even you can also incorporate smart chatbots that will help you serve your clients round the clock without any manual support.  

Impediments in RPA implementation: 

Studies conducted over the insurance sector states that most of the insurance companies fail in the proper implementation of RPA solutions. The reason behind it is a lack of knowledge and expertise over RPA solutions. Most insurance companies attempt to completely onboard digital platforms using RPA solutions, but it heads towards failure. If you are also an insurance service provider and willing to add automation to your process then you must start with a small project to ensure its success and then heads for a complete onboarding.  


Gone are the days when the insurance sector was busy handling time-consuming paperwork and on-desk client interactions. Now, almost every insurance sector is taking the assistance of RPA development companies in the USA and choosing the best RPA developers to develop the most customized solution based on their business operations. This RPA solution is allowing insurance companies to add accuracy and efficiency to their procedures and deliver more intelligent results with end-to-end automated procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can we remove human intervention completely using RPA solutions? 

RPA is used to perform repetitive tasks and hence you may require some manual assistance to direct your digitized solution and serve you with accurate solution. 

What are the major use cases for RPA in the insurance industry? 

The major use cases for RPA solutions in insurance companies are: 

  • Claim processing 
  • Underwriting and new registration 
  • Automated data entry and evaluation 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Scalability of automated solution 
  • And more… 
How much does it cost to develop an RPA solution for an insurance company? 

DxMinds offers a completely customized solution based on your requirements. Hence, we don’t offer any pre-defined package. We allow our customers to choose required features and choose a team for their app development depending on their budget. The average cost of an RPA developer in the USA is $20-50 per hour. 


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