How AI is playing a crucial role in the Fashion and Beauty industry

How AI is playing a crucial role in the Fashion and Beauty industry

The fashion world is having a big contribution to the world’s GDP with an annual valuation of more than $3 trillion in the global market. The fashion industry does not just deal with the classic outfits to change the look of the world, but this industry is equally matching the pace with other business sectors when it comes to the incorporation of technology and using it for the transformation of society. In the present century, the fashion industry is concentrating on developing the latest techniques which can give vitality to the imagination, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The use of artificial intelligence has become an imperative source for taking the fashion industry ahead, and the sources show that approx. 44% of businesses from the fashion industry which is still untouched by artificial intelligence technology are drowning in loss and bankruptcy. The estimated cost of annual profit after the integration of AI technology with the fashion industry is approx. $7.3 billion every year.

Artificial intelligence is dynamic in every dimension of the fashion industry; either it is designing clothes, manufacturing, or handling supply chain management. AI is playing an amazing role in transforming the entire fashion industry.

Let’s understand the role and impact of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry:

AI in fashion designing:

The right color combination and the appealing pattern is the key to design an outstanding outfit. Artificial intelligence can help you to analyze and detect upcoming trends based on the market demands and help the fashion industry to reduce forecast errors.

The frequency of changes is very rapid in the fashion industry as new designs and patterns are having a great scope of attention in the fashion market. To match the pace with the rapidly changing trend, the designers need to stay up to date. The incorporation of artificial technology with the help of a prolific mobile app development company in India can help you achieve your targeted objective with great precision. Using a mobile app, cloth designers can collect the latest fashion data and can help you designing the latest fashions that are mostly preferred by the customers.

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    AI in Fashion Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Fashion Store:

    The fashion industry deals with multiple layers of operations, such as sewing, sorting, etc., and each of these tasksis tedious when comes to large-scale production. Also, there is a bigger risk of having errors when executed manually. To bring accuracy to the process and reduce the cost of labor and equipment, artificial intelligence can help software developers to develop a robot that can easily execute the entire above-listed task and bring a heightened level of accuracy to the operations. The most tedious work is to manage an effective supply chain. Opting services of a mobile app development company in India to harness the power of artificial intelligence can help you speed up your supply chain management by suggesting the most accurate and shortest route and keeping track of each logistic.

    AI in Fashion Retail

    Retails is one of those sectors that widely depends on manual operations but now with the help of Artificial intelligence, fashion stores are incorporating automated solutions. With the help of artificial intelligence software development companies in India, most retail stores are developing solutions that can monitor customer’s activity and can keep a track record over their shopping history with their preferences. This has induced a trend of personalized offers and solutions by the retail stores helping them to cater to individuals with a solution that are seeking for. It will help them to hold their customers for a long time and increase brand loyalty.

    AI in styling the Fashion Accessories

    Fashion is not anymore about our choice rather with the emergence of artificial intelligence technology in the fashion industry it has become an element that embraces your beauty with the outfit that suits your body type. Few people take the assistance of a makeover artist to get professional guidance but it is not accessible for everyone.  Here the question is, then how common people will get the best fashion sense? Artificial intelligence is the only answer to this problem too. AI technology is becoming a personal makeover expert for everyone, helping them to understand the latest fashion and to select the best dress and accessories that fit their appearance.

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      AI giving a smart mirror

      In this pandemic situation, where folks are following social distancing, trying clothes at the store and using a common trial room again raises the risk. Here, AI technology has given a perfect solution to the buyers as a smart mirror. This AI-powered smart mirror allows the buyers to check the outfit on their body without actually putting on their body.  Now, most of the retail fashion stores started using AI smart mirrors in their trial room with a touch screen facility allowing the customers to check their look n a dress without wearing it.

      AI in visual search

      Have you got any sample of dress, shoes, or accessories and willing to get the same or some related product but don’t know where to shop from? AI technology has got the most amazing feature for you. Mobile app development companies are helping e-commerce stores to develop portals with AI-based visual search technology where you can take images of any product from your phone camera and the e-commerce portal will return you all the information of available related products, making your shopping much simpler and faster.


      The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry has brought a revolution changing every segment of this industry. With the help of software development companies in India, most of the fashion retailers have stepped up from their manual serving stores to end-to-end automated stores giving them accurate and prompt solutions for several levels, right from the designs till supply chain management and enhancing the shopping experience on the stores. Now fashion world has become interactive with the customers, as a result a rapid growth has been noticed in the revenue of fashion industry with a personalized service solution to the customers. Artificial intelligence has added a customization feature to the fashion industry making the buyer’s journey more exciting, joyous and moreover satisfactory.

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