how AI is improvising the telemedicine industry? DxMinds

how AI is improvising the telemedicine industry?

What is the most searched keyword of Google? Yes, it’s none other than Corona Virus reports. Because it is the most worrying topic in the world. People cared for their lives as they want to get the numbers of lives. This phase in humanity brings out the transition in the world of digital healthcare where telemedicine comes out to be an incredible choice. The advancements in AI as a cutting edge technology in telemedicine. With the Covid pandemic, telemedicine industry is utilizing the digital application which allows prescribing medicines, treat patients through their screens.

Artificial Intelligence is utilizing transformative capabilities to help the telemedicine industry. Let’s dig in:

1. Digitization of Patient-Doctor Relationship

Artificial Intelligence in telehealth is in collaboration with edge technology has empowered the telemedicine industry. Artificial Intelligence is working in close collaboration with the telemedicine industry to enhance the patient care and healthcare experience for smooth and great accessibility. This digitalization helps to remote patient monitoring(RPM) or telemonitoring the patient’s data from medical centers, hospitals to keep a tab on their health conditions. AI technology is helping telemedicine for remote-patient monitoring by making use of internet-connected home-based devices and mobile applications. It is highly beneficial for the old patients to get doctor’s consultation who are suffering from any chronic illness. It helps to enable telemedicine facilitating collection of data from varied connected devices and offer insights to doctor to facilitate monitoring of compliances.

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    2. Addressing Hospital Workforce Challenges

    AI-enabled EHR and telehealth are impoverishing virtual meetups to educate patients about accessing the complete benefits of virtual healthcare. Telehealth is integrating AI applications augmenting scale beyond remote patient monitoring and management. The industry telehealth implementation helps to minimize costs while improving outcomes with the enhanced availability of technology enablement such as high-speed Internet supporting HD video results in an agile healthcare networking system.

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    3. Transforming Better Diagnosis

    The AI powered health technology and predictive analytics tool has enabled hospitals to reduce the waiting hours at the hospitals so that they can build their networking models for discovering the health specialists at a fast rate. Telemedicine has helped to diagnose diseases like diabetic retinopathy cancer at early stages so that required steps must be taken to curb its effects.

    During the pandemic time, when it became a difficult task to make the necessary cancer treatment, the advanced artificial intelligence in telehealth helps to diagnose patients virtually with the help of stated AI chatbots and data analytical tools at the right time.

    Telemedicine has helped in reducing patient visits by integrating telemedicine screening.  The addition of AI in screening procedures has reduced the number of visits. The AI algorithm analyses the images and compares them with the previous samples to determine the severity of the condition. AI helps to save a lot of time spent in the screening process. All we need to do is to send an image of their face to the doctor so that the AI algorithm can analyze them and diagnose the disorder.

    Utilizing AI in telemedicine, doctors, and patients can expect the diagnosis to make it a cost-effective process as compared to the existing procedures.

    4. Physician Burnout doesn’t happen more!

    Is any other job profile busier than a doctor’s? No, the medical professionals indeed have the most stressed-out long working days which can lead to frustration and even burnouts. Telemedicine helps medical representations to help reduce the physician’s screen time to reduce the symptoms of burnouts.

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    5. Tele-ICU

    AI powered health technology and cloud-based systems are driving digitization, growth, and changes in the data center industry. This transformation has led to an array of vendors and healthcare service providers to optimize their healthcare requirements for better patient outcomes. The telehealth deployment has offered the patients to directly access the physician with the help of the app. It has reduced the waiting hours at the hospital and access to a specialist consultant directly by reducing the healthcare costs.

    On-demand patient access, Tele-ICU, nursing facilities are some of the recent advancements in telehealth or telemedicine. These advancements help integrate health services to monitor patients, educate patients, and carry out video consultations with medical teams to escalate the potential of hospitals offering their service to niche areas by limiting the re-admission.

    6. Doctor’s Collaboration

    When there is a large amount of data, AI-based telemedicine facilitates the healthcare institutions to mutually collaborate in innovative ways. In this way, they can easily manage to pool resources from each other at critical times. For instance, Banner Health, being one of the largest non-profit systems existing in the US, collaborated with Intel to bring AI-powered telemedicine software solutions to more than one thousand in-room televisions throughout Banner-Health’s 28 facilities in the country.

    It empowered various specialists to attend to more patients without risking COVID transmission. It can help you reduce the amount spend on protective equipment like masks, gloves which were required for emergency requirements.

    7. Health Information Technology

    AI-powered telemedicine facilitates the collection, storage, and management of massive data in healthcare systems, this facility is referred to as the health information technology in telemedicine terminology. This information help patients and doctors to meet their mutual goals towards coping with diseases like diabetes, flu, viral diseases.

    These AI algorithms in HIT facilitate retrieving and systemizing a large amount of data in various healthcare institutions. Artificial Intelligence helps physicians, doctors to categorize records of patients, healthcare policies systematically with the help of NLP.

    AI-based neural networks are hugely applied for storing a large collection of medical data. It protects these data from fraudulence and unethical activities.

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    Tele Diagnosing of Patients

    AI has empowered the telediagnosis of patients as a clinical method that has incorporated a remote-based diagnosing of patients across geographical boundaries. The telemedicine approach proves to be very effective in the diagnosis of diseases like cancer. AI helps a lot in augmenting patient monitoring and management. These innovative telemedicine implementation drive management costs while improving the outcomes, along with the increased availability of enabling technology such as high-speed Internet supporting HD video, which results in an agile healthcare networking system.

    The Conclusion

    Chatbots also offer simple and quick access to information to users at a single time while access to one-on-one video conferencing is limited according to the availability of providers in a network. These video consultation platforms also exhibit a great relationship between telemedicine and the medical tourism industry. Still, there are many barriers to the implementation of artificial intelligence in telehealth technology which can range from general preference to legal implications. Some advancements of telehealth are nascent now hence many of them are still branching into AI healthcare strategies. Still, the implementation of these fields demands further research and requirements to determine its sustainability.

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