Telemedicine App Development Cost, Features and Technologies

Comprehensive Guide on Telemedicine app development cost, Features and Technologies

Telemedicine is a highly demanding and valuable industry that has begun to achieve immense popularity a couple of years ago, but during this COVID-pandemic period, it has reached the hype and become the only source that ensured secure care for getting the unavoidable healthcare consultation.

The Ongoing disastrous COVID-19 pandemic has utterly shattered the usual functioning of the healthcare service industry and forced it to rapidly turn on the healthcare care operations on M-health apps or online platforms.

This is the true cause behind the surge in telemedicine app development which is now looked up as a savior by healthcare companies that are willing to serve healthcare services to the patients by maintaining the lifesaving distance protocols “stay home stay safe”.

Without a doubt, at this risky time every other Healthcare or Medical Clinics, Hospitals, and healthcare center are aiming to go digital especially with telemedicine solution for handling and monitoring the treatable cases. Due to which this healthcare institutes are seeking to get learned everything about the online healthcare model especially the cost to build a telemedicine app before stepping in to build it.

In this blog, we have mentioned in-detail information covering every aspect of Telemedicine app development in 2021.

We have segregated the blog into the following parts

The Need and Importance of Telemedicine healthcare solution with Market analysis

Essential Features to Include for Making a Viable Telemedicine app &

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Telemedicine app?

Let’s dig into all the aspects one by one

What is Telemedicine App?

A Telemedicine App is an online collaboration medium that empowers healthcare professionals/doctors to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients via a smartphone application or software. A lot more engaging and effective features in telemedicine apps such as in-app chat, video call, and document sharing tend to provide an in-hospital consultation to patients.

The working of the app is very simple both the patients and healthcare specialties need to get registered on to the telemedicine app in order to access the features for providing and obtaining the essential consultancy.

Through the telemedicine app solution, people can get diagnosed and manage different ill conditions such as Blood pressure, Skin/hair problems, chronic illness, and many less serious diseases by being at their homes. Isn’t that safe?

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    Why it is Necessary to Build Telemedicine App Development Solution in 2021?

    Honestly at this Corona time where people are anxious to step out of their house has activated every industry be it food delivery, Ecommerce, Education, and among all Healthcare to hail the power of Digital technologies in order to cope with the current situation.

    Speaking about the Necessity to Build a Telemedicine app, we will make you understand this by uncovering some accurate facts that leave you stunned by asking Why still you haven’t introduced such a durable platform?

    Stats Uncovering the Importance of Telemedicine Apps

    • The Number of Telehealth visits reached to 50% during the first quarter of 2020
    • In 2020 the telehealth visits of age group between 18-49 years accelerated from 68% at the first week of January 2020 to 73% during the last week of march
    • 69% of patients revealed the ease to use technology would enable them to book a telemedicine appointment
    • Telemedicine can reduce the doctor visiting cost by 10-15%
    • 46% of Patients state that they telehealth for some needed consultancy, compared to 11% in 2019(McKinsey
    • The financial worth of telemedicine visits is predicted to reach to $29.3 billion in 2020 and experts examine that it will hit $106 million by 2023 ( Doximity

    What Features To Include For Building A Viable Telemedicine Solution?

    Telemedicine comprises two divisions one is for patients and the other is for doctors. Furthermore Kind of features you include influence the cost of telehealth mobile app development 

    Let’s watch out for the necessary features to include in the Patients app

    Telemedicine Patient App Features 


    A patient can sign up for the application by filling in mandatory credentials such as Name, Phone number, email-id, or social network. As the app takes in the delight information, it’s required to deal with high-level security so it’s advisable to use authentication aspect that includes SMS, Voice and Phone verification

    Patient profile 

    This feature enables the patients to submit necessary healthcare records and imperative information. Through this doctor can easily be learned about the patient’s health condition and past health history.


    Lessen down the patient’s task by assisting them to search for a medical specialist based on different filters ( Expertise, Proximity, doctor rating, etc). Adding this feature could make your app more engaging by improving the specification

    Appointments and Calendar 

    According to doctor availability patients could prefer to book the appointments and in case of any personal obstacles they can either edit or cancel the booked slots

    Audio/ Video Call Communication 

    This is one of the imperative features without which building a telemedicine app is not worth enough. Through this feature, the doctor can hear the patient’s problems and provide them the necessary consultancy. Sometimes patients like to opt for video call communication to speak out their health symptoms come clearly.

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    Multiple Payment gateway systems ( UPI, Stripe, Paypal, and more) provide a kind of convenience for patients to smoothly carry out payment transaction.


    Alerts and notify the patients regarding the appointment and or any other follow up updates

    Rating and Review 

    This is an evaluating feature that rates doctor’s consultancy service quality. It enables patients to place their feedback in terms of review or rating right after getting a consultant.

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      The Patient app can include some extra features for a better user experience

      Personalized dashboard 

      Make the patients watch the treatment progress or some other essential aspects

      Medical Tracking

      A patient can get a reminder for taking the necessary meds mentioned with proper time schedule 

      Secure chats

      One to One messenger is the foremost communication channel preferred by both doctors and patients to interact easily and handily.

      In-app calls

      In case of emergency, patients can prefer the In-app calls option


      Integrating the roadmap to the hospitals with some detailed information about the institution.

      Cloud data storage

      Help the patients to share and attach images and documents such as lab results, X-rays etc. Additionally, the feature empowers to export or import the information in PDF format.

      Telemedicine Doctor App features

      Some Telemedicine features for doctors are similar to patient app features. Some few specific features need to be included on Doctor apps 

      The Leading Doctor app features include:

      Doctor profile

      Healthcare professionals and specialists should add up the important information such as specialization, experience, education, and more that makes patients decide to study clearly while picking up the doctor

      Secluding and calendar 

      It enables the doctors to include their availability, obtain consultation request and manage the appointments by going with the calendar filled appointments

      Audio/Video Communication

      This feature goes with the Doctor Telemedicine app as well. Doctor-Patient can interact more clearly and thoroughly. Better include one-one chat feature or consultation by taking up photos in the first product version in case if you are running out of budget. But if you have a larger budget then implementing video conferencing or audio feature can make your app to serve a superior experience 

      EHR Review 

      A doctor can easily go through the patient’s previous health condition just by checking the patient’s records by analyzing the profiles, primary filled questionnaires, hospital database, or any other way.

      Medical Prescription 

      This feature allows doctors to put down the prescription digitally so that patients can easily access the prescribed medication by showing it to a drugstore or any healthcare service.

      Additional Features that strengthen the Telemedicine Doctor apps are:

      Dashboard and Analytics 

      A doctor can analyze several patient’s visits, treatment served, a flow of growth graph, and more through getting a hand on a specific dashboard.

      Pharmacy Database

      The app can maintain the drugstore to provide patients and doctors with needed medicine on time

      The above-mentioned list of Patient and doctor features are the key features that should be integrated in order to achieve a successful Telemedicine app. And these features influences the telemedicine app development cost

      Now let’s put the light on the most vital part of Telemedicine apps

      How to Develop a Telemedicine Apps?

      When it comes to building highly functional and ideal telemedicine apps, the reliable telemedicine app development company DxMinds break down the development process into two parts 

      First one is Analysis and the other is development stages

      For accomplishing each process we take into the specific role specialist that works dedicatedly and put complete efforts to make the highest performing telemedicine apps that elate the customers 

      The Analysis Part of Telemedicine Software Development Includes:

      Business Analysis

      To make your Telemedicine app to set a world-class standard it’s integral to conduct market and competitor analysis. The essential part of this stage is to discover what users are looking for and how to fulfill their demands and needs

      The Business analysis plan of telemedicine app development includes:

      Identify the target audience 

      Objective and goal of the app

      Business plan for the project

      Systematic planning on the organization of app features and other contents

      Roadmap of budget clearly mentioning the telemedicine app development and marketing cost based on the feature list and other advanced components

      The fact is the telemedicine app development process differs from one concept to another according to the kind of solution this market players such as Government healthcare institutions, healthcare providers, Healthcare centers and organizations, and more expect from telemedicine app developers 

      Software architecture planning 

      This part is taken care of by the system architect that decides how the app should look by inspecting the gathered requirements, features, and app purpose

      UI/UX Design

      App layout, navigation, and the interface is built by considering the product backlog, documentation, and functional specification of the app

      Project Management 

      The Project Manager plays an important role in the smooth flow of the development process. Everything from assigning the responsibilities, managing to figuring out and dealing with project challenges is taken care of by a project manager 

      The development part of telehealth app development consists of various operations such as

      Prior Planning 

      Implies to providing a clear picture of a software development cycle. Planning entirely depends on development team workflow, time frames, deadlines, and other aspects.


      Also known as Coding Phase where the core development process takes place here. From coding the core features, essential functionalities to programming the back end and front end everything to make a workable and fully featured telemedicine app platform is rendered in the development phase.

      Quality Assurance and UAT testing

      Performance, functioning, and quality Check of Telemedicine apps are achieved with proper testing of the whole app flow.

      An expertise Healthcare software development company follows this process in an efficient way by assigning a Pro team of tech specialists. We DxMinds holds complete proficient development team- Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designers, iOS or Android telemedicine app developers, back-end developers, and QA engineers

      The Below Flow chart emphasizes the complete flow of telemedicine app development and with proper structure of a team

      Technology adopted in Telemedicine Apps 

      Some essential technologies work in shaping out the high tech Telemedicine apps and this technology is also counted in the Cost of Telehealth Solution Development. Have a look into those technologies

      Artificial intelligence 

      AI technology has become the talk of every industry that is anticipating get revolutionized. And that Healthcare industry is the foremost industry that welcomes every other innovation that emerges in the technological space. 

      AI is nothing but integrating the intelligence in machines that performs human and make the decision-making process simple and accurate.

      There are beneficial uses of AI technology adopted in telemedicine app development

      Have a look at – how ai is improvising the telemedicine industry?


      These are the software or kind of functionality included in a telemedicine platform that facilitates the real-time human like chat and round clock be available to interact and engage to the patient queries which can be related to appointment, availability, or many more. Some chatbots also come with a Voice recognition feature that enhances the patient service experience 


      Onboarding Artificial intelligence for Diagnostics ensures the best understanding of patient’s health conditions through the Video conference software. Indeed AI accelerate the quality of Diagnostics


      Artificial intelligence is known for automation and streamlining the timing taking operations similarly, it does in the Healthcare sector. The technology entirely automates the chaotic doctor process and therefore eliminates the unwanted work pressure.


      There is superior technology responsible for every modernization in healthcare or any other bigger industries. Internet of technology is one of the prime technology that is confirmedly needed to formulate a complete package of telemedicine app. The essential fact of using IoT is that it securely stores patient’s big data. These platforms accurately store data and share the reports to doctors if required.


      Nowadays it has become crucial to winning the customer’s trust to achieve the desired outcomes. Personalization services are playing a bigger role in making the customers feel trusted. AR/VR is accountable for demonstrating the features of telemedicine app in a liable way by empowering the designers to architect and design the telemedicine apps in a realistic way that delivers personalization service to end-users.

      Users can easily get assured with the Augmented and Virtual reality instances.VR technology modernizes the use of tools in diagnosing patients.


      As telemedicine apps operate on data by taking in the patient’s sensitive data through the Video, chat, or audio feature and transfer it to respective healthcare professionals. During the transacting process through the online telemedicine app, the data of patients can be hacked illegally leading to some fraud or theft activities as the internet is fragile. That’s where Blockchain technology is employed for safeguarding, securing, and encrypting the user’s data from any kind of data looting crime.

      Cloud Storage Technology 

       Cloud storage solutions have opened up the way to store and transfer data more securely and revolutionarily. According to reports reflected from IDC, global investing in cloud software development will reach around $500 billion in 2023. This technology encourages data storage across diverse devices from anywhere in the world and has disrupted the telemedicine sector too.

      Cloud computing in telemedicine enhances efficiency by empowering the patients to store, manage, share and operate medical records (Lab test results, prescriptions, and more) in a safer way.

      Data Analytics technology 

      Telemedicine apps and gadgets produce a ton of patient and doctor data every day. The data occurs in the form of reports or lab results through wearable devices like smartwatches and smart devices used in the healthcare industry.

       Through the use of big data technology, telehealth apps can examine this data and perform research and include it in solutions

      They can make use of this data to recognize the people patterns on basis of several parameters. This technology has worked as magical in the healthcare sector since its inception.

      Remote Monitoring 

      Remote Monitoring is a golden asset behind the success of telemedicine. Almost every telemedicine solution has adopted this technology and reached the success heights. The Coronavirus epidemic has heightened up the demand for Virtual healthcare with its future expansion

      Remote patient Monitoring facilities real-time monitoring that enables the doctor to understand the patient’s condition exactly and provide an excellent diagnosis.

      With the advent of 5G technology, remote monitoring is going to be the next big thing in the coming future.

      What Technology Stack Required For Telemedicine App Development?

      Earlier we talked about the leading technologies that shape the exemplary Telemedicine solution. But what telehealth technology tools need to be considered for building a fully featured app.

      Multiple programming languages, frameworks, Third-party tools, Cloud storage should be used while making telemedicine apps

      Have a look into those telemedicine tools

      Programming Languages

      • Kotlin, Java(Android)
      • Swift(iOS)

      Back End development

      • Programming language: Nodejs
      • Video Conferencing: RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC
      • Chat: Twilio,
      • Database: Mysql
      • API’s and framework: Stripe, EC2, S3


      • Search and Filters: Elastic search
      • Mailing: Elastic mails
      • Geolocation: Google Maps Platform
      • Notification: Firebase Cloud Messaging

      The above-mentioned tools and tech stack differs from one telemedicine app Development Company to other. This technology stack is uncovered from DxMinds Experts who use all of this to build a phenomenal application

      Landing towards leading aspect that is the Cost to Build a Telemedicine Mobile App

      So here we go

      How much does it Cost to Build a Telemedicine App?

      It’s truly hard to present a concluding Telemedicine app development cost as a lot of factors come under consideration, such as essential features, concept, technology, development process, and many other things which are explained above in detail contribute to the costing fact. Furthermore, it even differs from one health care app development company to another and the kind of expertise they hold to build such as Platforms.

      However, to bring forth the rough estimate, the cost to make a telemedicine app falls between $50, 0000-$100,000 for one platform (android, Android, and web).In case if you are looking to add high-tech features or want to create an advanced functionality app then be prepared in investing more budget.

      Believe it or not, the cost of a telemedicine app can exceed $200,000 for a single platform if you are planning to build an ideal app by covering all the basic, advance, or top-level features.

      The above-quoted cost includes the whole solution with an admin panel, doctor app, and patient app with an hourly resource cost of $40 to $60 based on experience and proficiency (average affordable development rate in an Asian country such as India).

      The Normal time period for developing such sophisticated platforms varies from 3 months-6 months and can exceed for complicated and high functional apps.

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      Essential Advice: 

      If you desiring to spend such tremendous money on building a Telemedicine healthcare solution, then it’s wise to turn it over to an expertise healthcare app development company because the success and failure of your solution entirely depend on the kind of company you choose.

      DxMinds have worked on various big healthcare projects that have achieved tremendous downloads by fulfilling the user’s demands and needs. If you seeking to gain that winning healthcare solution that along with uplifting and streamlining your business operation can also build trust among users then undoubtedly tie-up with us.

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