CoinSwitchKuber: The Best Bitcoin Exchange Platform

CoinSwitchKuber: The best bitcoin exchange platform

Cryptocurrency is a topic that is still a matter of curiosity for Indians. It is something that has not been utilized completely to unleash. Investors find it as a complete new range of currency which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit. It involves an internet-based medium of exchange that utilizes cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions.

And with the growing hype of cryptocurrencies, trading has become a common task for even beginners. And CoinSwitchKuber is one such exchange that offers a minimalistic interface and accepts INR deposits with both IMPS and UPI. Make CoinSwitch app download and understand the concept of successful trading.

How did the CoinSwitchKuber concept come into action?

CoinSwitch works as a global aggregator for cryptocurrency exchanges which offers over 300 coins and 45,000 currency pairs. These three friends have shared a friendship for 13 years and have worked together in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Zynga. This group has been quite active in participating in various hackathons hosted by Sequoia, Google, Amazon and Linkedin.

The founders GovindSoni, VimalSagar, and Ashish Singhal came together to form a startup together called CoinSwitchKuber. It is crypto exchanging and trading app where you buy and sell cryptocurrency easily. You can buy cryptocurrency in a hassle-free manner so that you can buy the latest crypto release in the market.

Popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Lotecoin, and many more can be bought with the CoinSwitchapp download.

They introduced the CoinSwitch in June 2020. CoinSwitchKuber has become India’s exclusive INR-crypto on-ramp platform. With its headquarters situated in Bengaluru, it supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies for the users for buying and selling Indian rupees.

They had a successful launch as they processed over $1 million in trades and moreover, they got funded by Sequoia Capital. Now they are successfully trading more than $300 million in the trade every month. All thanks to its great UI experience, the company saw a great surge in its overall user base.

CoinSwitchapp has successfully raised funding of $15 million over one funding round with four investors. This $15 million funding was led by Ribbit Capital and Paradigm which is a San Francisco-based Crypto-focused investment firm.

Existing investors like the Sequoia India Capital and Kunal Shah participated. The collected funds were utilized to enhance the security, compliance, products, and tech capabilities to create a leading platform for cryptocurrency investments.

Are you still thinking about the advantages of crypto investments in India? If Yes, then don’t waste your time and invest in CoinSwitchKuber.

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    Following are some of the reasons which will make you invest in CoinSwitchKuber:

    1. Easy Interface

    The selection of an easy interface is one of the most important factors for becoming an expert cryptocurrency trader. CoinSwitch is one of the great apps which has easy access, seamless and fast, hence it has become the most favorite among traders. Its interface can be easily managed by experts in trading and even the newbies in the world of investment. The CoinSwitch app customer service is supportive and responsive. In case of any queries. it offers a speedy resolution.

    2. Security of Funds

    Security is the foremost concern in the field of trading. Folks always want to invest their money safely. CoinSwitchKuber app, being one of the most stable, and the funded platform is a trustworthy platform where you can invest safely.

    But on prior notice, it is always recommended to go through the website, understand its functioning and investment. Moreover, you can blindly trust the app as it makes use of every advanced feature to make it a safe option for investment. CoinSwitch also ensures that no fraudulent activities should happen as it accepts only the reputed tokens.

    3. Support of Tokens

    It supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, unlike most exchanges which only support the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium. On an additional note, it supports you to opt-out from any of the options available to manage the risk better.

    4. Low Trading fees

    CoinSwitchKuber app entails bringing low trading fees for its investors. These fees are very economical whenever an investor makes a trade. It doesn’t have any hidden charges.

    Do you think investing in CoinSwitchKuber worth an investment?

    CoinSwitchKuber is a great platform that makes buying, selling and managing cryptocurrencies more effortless than ever before.

    Several Features of using CoinSwitchKuber app

    1. Simple user interface

    2. Hassle-free buying and selling techniques

    3. Easy to add or withdraw money

    4. Mostly every cryptocurrency is present.

    5.It is reasonably safe since you can only buy and convert coins in real time. It doesnot keep your money for trading purposes hence the risk of fraud is less since it does not keep your funds.

    If you are interested in investing, you can find it safe for investors since the exchange is unregulated.

    6. It offers its user’s price data from around nine cryptocurrency exchanges as

    a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.

    7. The coins are converted and directly transferred to the user’s wallets. Its anonymity feature makes it an appealing choice for investors who want to remain anonymous.

    8. It allows users to invest in other currencies.

    9. Trading in Cryptocurrencies

    You can make money by buying or selling cryptocurrencies on its platform, as these digital currencies have become a hotcake of investments owing to their high returns generating capacity. For instance, the value of Bitcoins has increased by more than 600%.

    Before you start trading, make sure you carry out your research and equip yourself with immense knowledge. Following are some of the requirements:

    CoinSwitchKuber app download

    • Enter your phone number and OTP.
    • Make sure you complete the KYC at a rocket speed.
    • You have a secure PIN.
    • Select your cryptocurrencies and start trading with a minimum of Rs 100 or more.

    Invite your friends to Party

    When you refer someone, you will earn a scratch card worth Rs.50. Once a person completes their KYC and unlocks the scratch card, CoinSwitchKuber adds Rs 50 worth of Bitcoins to your account. Once a friend completes their verification, using the referral code, Rs50 worth BTC will be added to their account.

    You and your friends can make money effortlessly utilizing the CoinSwitchKuber.

    Lucky ones

    CoinSwitchKuber offers your scratch cards when your KYC gets completed as a new way of welcoming a new member to the community. You can even get a scratch card when you make your first investment in any cryptocurrency to encourage your investing journey.

    Once you unlock, it credit’s scratch card value in terms of Bitcoins to your portfolio.


    Kuberverse is a great initiative by CoinSwitchKuber to empower you on topics regarding wealth management and investments. You can learn more about Bitcoins, Cryptocurrencies, other investments to brighten up your financial future. Since it is not a direct way to earn money using CoinSwitch, it is the most practical way as it directs you to make the right investment and further adds to your wealth.

    Problems associated with CoinSwitchKuber App

    With every app, there will be some issues, regarding the time taken to add and withdraw money.

    There are delays between the selling price to the actual price in the market.

    It doesn’t assure you guaranteed returns on investment in cryptocurrency. Its returns are based upon market risk and price fluctuations.

    CoinSwitchKuber is a safe and user-friendly crypto exchanging app, but still, folks need to understand it completely, then only the cryptocurrency investment will increase. Make CoinSwitchKuber app download as it has tremendous potential hence, the investors always want to innovate it in a better way to make it safe and simple to educate the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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