Big Data Analytics in Healthcare That Can Save People

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare That Can Save People

Big data is making wonders in various business industries with the massive amount of data produced all across the world in any format. Since two decades it is rigorously working to transform the way of data usage and make it lucrative for each and every industry. The potential offered by big data technology is still unmapped. Most of the businesses are constantly explore this technology to frame-out the best possible way big data can bring revolution in their industry. In healthcare industry also big data is making wonders.

As we all know, healthcare industry completely deals with the data and records, either it is about the medical records of the patients, hospital records, or the reports of medical examination of any patient. Every single data plays a great role in the medical sector to provide right solution at the right time. Another important part of medical sector that is seeking major support of big data these days is biomedical research conducted geniuses of the industry. Just innovations and researches are not enough to take the industry ahead but it is also important to take the same information to all the professionals associated with the medical sector to educate them about the latest research and innovations. Here big data is acting as the most robust bridge connecting all the professionals across the world and helping them to revamp the face of medical sector for a brighter tomorrow. Before the emergence of big data analysis, seeking a solution for any critical medical issue was just like seeking a needle in a heap of junk. But not the process has been simplified to a great extent and also has become faster than ever.

Undoubtedly big data analysis is a boon for medical industry but utilizing this source requires professional assistance. Most of the medical sectors are now turning to hire big data engineers or are most popular as data scientist from India who are deep rooted with the technology and are capable to cater all type of big data analytics requirements. They are highly skilled with data analysis, management, and interpretation of big data which can open new boulevards of success for the healthcare industry.

Everyone might have heard big data can make wonders, but what it can do, let’s get to know that:

Fighting cancer with bigdata:

Cancer was one of the most vicious diseases which were almost threat to the life of a patient struggling with it. To combat with this life risking disease most of the doctors are seeking one or another way and also attaining success in that. But every case history may not be the same and similar treatment may not work for all the patients, and then researching new treatment for each treatment will be a difficult task. Here comes in the role of big data that contributes in seeking the best treatment based on the case history of a patient and allow doctors to decide an accurate treatment based on the trends and patters of disease symptoms faced by the patient.

Early disease detection with big data:

To serve accurate treatment to a patient, it is necessary to detect the disease at its early stage. Either it is cancer or other serious disease, screening or other test becomes important to be studied to understand the disease from depth. Big data analysis helps the doctor to enhance the quality of treatment with reduced cost by tracking a patient’s entire medical journey and making decisions and recommendations based on exactly similar case history data available on the internet. Using big data technology, now mobile app developers in India are developing software which can continuously seek all the possible interventions to get the possible outcomes and share it with other professionals working for it.

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    Enhancing pharmaceutical R&D with big data:

    Either a vaccine or synthesis of insulin, every drug discovery is dependent on the research. Today, pharmaceutical company is acting as a super hero helping the world to combat the recent pandemic issues by discovering some solution. These pharmaceutical companies access the available data of past cases related to any particular health issues to check the viability of any treatment on terms of effectiveness of the discovered drug.

    Ways big data is revamping the healthcare industry:

    Health tracking:

    Big data analytics is already revolutionizing the healthcare sectors but to make it more accessible for everyone, this technology is merging with IoT and giving various health tracking devices in forms of wearable. Such devices are very handy and affordable too that help individuals to track basic elements of their body that can have a great impact over their health, such as heart rate, temperature, distance walked, sleep time, burned calories and even diet behaviours. This amazing small device is helping people to keep a track on their daily health and habits to live energetic life.

    Reduced cost:

    Cost of treatment majorly depends on the operational cost spend by the hospital. This can be reduced for the betterment and benefit of hospital administration as well as for the patients using predictive analysis. Over staffing, expenditure on equipment, and infrastructure are the major elements that adds a huge sum to the investment of a hospital. Using predictive analysis, now hospitals can predict the number of admission in the hospital by tracking health of patients with relevant health issues.

    As per a study conducted by Society of Actuaries, it depicts that approx. 47% of healthcare organizations are already using predictive analytics and believes that it can save more than 25% of expenses.

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      Preventing human errors:

      Wrong medications and wrong treatment or late detection of disease has been the curse of medical sector which takes the death rate even higher than it must be. This is not intentional practise but human error is inseparable. Big data has got an end to the human error by leveraging the use of predictive analysis and proven recommendations after checking the medical history of the patient.

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      How big data is saving lives?

      Big data works on proven facts and figures and it can be used to bring a basic standard in the healthcare sector all across the world. That means, the medication and treatment used in any corner of the world with lucrative results can be used by the healthcare professionals all across the globe. Effective use of this technology can also help healthcare providers to enhance their profits with reduced investments. It is predicted that big data can add a sum of $300 million per year to the profit earnings of healthcare sector.

      Using big data analytics, healthcare providers are enhancing their abilities to serve in a better manner and improve the healthcare strategies and technique. Few of those are listed below:

      • Cure disease much faster with proven solutions as compared to the traditional ways
      • Epidemics can be predicted with big data and can get ready with the potential solution to combat such situation
      • Improve medical treatment quality to improve lives of patients
      • More concentration on preventable care


      Advancement of medical sector is amazing and unbelievable. We have noticed continues growth in the technologies but the emergence of big data has brought revolution in the medical industry. Now, healthcare professionals can serve with much precise and proven solution for any health problem without wasting much time in it. This technology has increased the pace of treatment helping the professionals to detect health issue with great precision and serve the best treatment to them. Big data has also helped healthcare sector to conduct predictive analysis and get ready for all the upcoming health related threats.

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